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To provide information to our members to help them safely and properly operate and maintain their respective Holiday Rambler diesel motor homes and enhance their ownership experience.

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This event will be held May 3 through May 9, 2018 at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds, Goshen Indiana

If you own a Holiday Rambler, American Coach, Fleetwood, Beaver, Monaco or Safari Diesel Motorhome, you’re invited.

Maintenance Session

Important Message: 2014 Maintenance Session

Fellow Holiday Rambler Pushers and Fellow Monaco Brand Sister Ships,

As our members know we have been able to raise the standard of the yearly Maintenance Session (MS) where it's known as a premier event and actually a one of a kind event throughout the Motorhome industry. The Ramblin' Pushers Board of Directors has evaluated current business conditions and costs to keep these standards and we've concluded that some specific actions must be taken to evaluate possibilities to allow continuing that success .

The Holiday Rambler Recreational Vehicle Club (HRRVC) has been experiencing continuing declines in membership and along with the declines we here in Ramblin' Pushers have started feeling the effects of the number declines as well. The board has been very active and concerned about these declines and our membership may drop below the 700 member level for the first time since 2005.

  • Registration for our annual Maintenance Session (MS) for 2014 is down about 16% or 35 coaches
  • Projected numbers will result in fewer than 250 registrations for the 2014 MS
  • Projected membership of Ramblin' Pushers could decline to 400 - 500 members by 2017 (current membership is 759)
  • We normally have 37% of our members attend the annual MS which would equate to 148 - 185 coaches attending the 2017 MS
  • The above attendance numbers would dramatically escalate cost and diminish our ability to provide a quality MS (i.e. fewer Vendors, less Corporate support, less Dealer support, fewer Seminars, etc.)

Based on the above, the Ramblin' Pushers Board of Directors has decided to initiate action to address this decline. Specifically we have decided to open up the 2014 MS to Monaco Diesel Sister Ship Brands (Monaco, Beaver, and Safari). These invitations will be extended at the non-member rate as defined on the registration form. Additionally, registrations will be handled as we already do for our members as it relates to parking, and they will be parked based on the registration date.


We will monitor the registrations closely and limit the total numbers so as to not over tax our ability to provide the normal high standard when it comes to the MS standards we've all become accustomed to expecting. However, there will be no limit on the number of Ramblin' Pushers members that can register for the MS.

As many of you know, Holiday Rambler has Sister Ship coaches in the other Monaco brands. They can benefit from the information we've all learned to be so valuable in the operation and maintenance of our Motorhomes during our MS. This will allow these other Monaco Brands to be seamlessly integrated into MS activities.

I encourage our members, to extend an invitation to all friends and acquaintances that may have one of these Sister Ship Monaco brands listed above for the 2014 MS. Please ask them to submit their registration on the same form we've been using and to clearly identify what type of Monaco brand they own. Remember this invitation is only being extended to Monaco Brand Sister Ship Diesel owners.

Sister Ship coaches please use the 2014 MS Registration Form here on our Website for these Registrations and be sure to include your model name of coach and register as a Non Member.

Ramblin' Pushers Board of Directors