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Ramblin' Pushers Chapter 419
Mission Statement:
To provide information to our members to help them safely and properly operate and maintain their respective Holiday Rambler diesel motor homes and enhance their ownership experience.

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This event will be held May 3 through May 9, 2018 at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds, Goshen Indiana

If you own a Holiday Rambler, American Coach, Fleetwood, Beaver, Monaco or Safari Diesel Motorhome, you’re invited.

Maintenance Session

Important Announcement June 2014

The Chapter Board of Directors had an extensive discussion and review of the 2014 MS and our invitation of "Sister Ships" (all - Monaco, Beaver, and Safari Diesel Motorhomes) to this year's session during our post MS Board meeting. This discussion/review specifically included both input on the MS Evaluation from the "Sister Ships" and those inputs from our chapter members attending this year's MS. What these evaluations showed was that of the 229 respondents to the question would you like to see "Sister Ships" invited to future MS's there were 220 responding "Yes" and 9 responding "No". This specifically indicates that 96.07% of respondents are in favor of continuing to invite Sister Ships. Add to these statics the fact that 20 of the 20 respondents who were "Sister Ships" stated they would like to be included in future MS's.

We are headed for some very rough "water" in our membership numbers and MS attendance if the current membership decline trends play out and there are no changes in our parent Club "HRRVC" that abate these losses. In fact as the membership declines so will our attendance and if we don't take specific actions to ensure our MS attendance numbers stay at or near our recent attendance levels our ability to maintain the high standards we've all enjoyed at these annual events will be jeopardized.


After lengthy and detail discussion the Board specifically decided that future MS's would be open to all Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Beaver, and Safari Diesel Motorhomes. In fact we also had some discussion about at some point in the future we may in fact have to open the MS to all Allied Recreational Group (ARG) Diesel Motorhomes.

Where at this time we can't specifically accept these "Sister Ships" as members it is most assuredly something that our parent HRRVC organization should consider. With the loss of the towable production the only source for new members will soon specifically have to come from the Holiday Rambler motorhome production by ARG. Based on this fact one could easily theorize that the current decline in numbers would not stop the dramatic reduction in total HRRVC membership and the decline in Chapter 419 membership.

Your Ramblin' Pushers Board of Directors unanimously agreed that although these changes weren't something we wanted to do they were certainly something that needed to be done to ensure survival of our organization and our annual Maintenance Session. We urge all members to embrace this change and understand it was done to protect the future of the organization and our Mission.

Roger Stickley
President, Ramblin' Pushers